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Book any of our three rooms for your next meeting, team get-together, presentation or lunch-in.

All meeting rooms are equipped with a bluetooth conference call speaker, wireless connected displays, and side table for catering. Wifi and coffee are included with each reservation.

Members reserve rooms at 1/2 price. The Boardroom donates 10% of all meeting room revenue to charity.

Reservations can be made outside of regular business hours. Our door controller will generate a temporary digital key for you to use to access the building.

Large Conference Room

Seats 12

Total capacity 15


Day rate available

Conference speaker

Video conference camera

Wireless display

Located on the ground floor adjacent to the coworking space. The Large Conference room offers close convenient access to he kitchen and main entrance. A nearby phone booth can be used by meeting attendees. Side tables for catering make it easy to have snacks and drinks on hand during you time. This space includes a large white board and wall post-its for brainstorming sessions. Natural light and tall ceilings give make this room an inspiring place to host your next strategy session or team builder.

Small Meeting Room

Seats 6

Total capacity 8


Conference speaker

Wireless display

Located on the second floor, the Small Meeting Room is our most popular reservable resource. This space is perfect for one-on-one meetings with clients. Lots of natural light and lush green plants make this space feel comfortable and professional. Includes a large white board and side table for catering. Soft seating just outside the room is useful for for participants who need to step out to take a call.

Training Room

Seats 12

Total capacity 15


Day rate available

Conference speaker

Wireless display

The Training Room is locates on the second floor of The Boardroom. It is a more casual space than the other meeting rooms, with light weight furniture that can be easily re configured to fit your needs. White boards and lots of wall space make this room a good choice for brainstorming sessions and anything else involving large layouts and sticky notes. Whether you need classroom style, boardroom style or empty floor space layouts, the Training Room can accommodate.


Can we bring catering?

You can absolutely have your own catering brought to The Boardroom. Each of our meeting space have side tables for you to layout your catering in the room. If you prefer, you can also use the kitchen area to layout and enjoy your catering, but please label with your group’s name.
We recommend Urban Greens for catering.

Can the Large Conference room accommodate more people if we add chairs?

Yes. The Large Conference Room can fit up to 15 people. The chairs required to do so are already in the room, although not every participant will have a seat at the main table.

Can we book the meeting rooms outside of regular business hours?

Yes. Room reservations include digital key access which grant you access to the building 15 minutes prior to the time of your reservation. You will need to familiarize yourself with the “Keys" section of your proximity user account in order to make use of this feature.

How can I see if the time and date I want is available?

Member or not, you can view The Boardroom’s shared reservation calendar to see availability. Once you decide to book, press "book now". Then the system will ask you to create a user account or sign in with existing username and password. This is a necessary step to making a reservation at The Boardroom. This free user account is used to manage your reservation, process billing, and will be useful for making future reservations.

Can I get a discounted rate on room rentals?

Sure can! All members get 50% discounts on meeting room rentals, considering a monthly membership plan may help you save money in the long run.